What is Proctal?

Proctal is a tool for modding programs on Linux through a command line interface (CLI) and an abstract programming interface (API).


  • Reading and writing to memory

  • Searching for values and byte patterns

  • Pausing program execution

  • Watching for accesses to memory locations

  • Allocating and deallocating memory blocks

  • Assembling and disassembling instructions

  • Running your own code in the context of the program

  • Dumping contents in memory

Just these 4 commands can make any program print Hello, world!

$ proctal allocate --pid=12345 -rw 14

$ proctal write --pid=12345 --address=7F78FDA9C000 --type=text 'Hello, world!' $'\n'

$ proctal execute --pid=12345
        mov     rsi, 0x7F78FDA9C000
        mov     rdx, 14
        mov     rdi, 1
        mov     rax, 1

$ proctal deallocate --pid=12345 7F78FDA9C000

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Having trouble?

If something is not clear in the documentation or you have encountered a bug in the program, you can create an issue on GitHub or send an email to Any kind of feedback is appreciated.